HindXR is leading the XR revolution for skill and learning worldwide with integrated device management, content management, and a virtual reality player.

Simplify the management of your organization’s AR/VR wearables while ensuring the security of your content. The HindXR is the only XR Device Management Platform in World that enables Device Management, User Management, Applications, Files, Wi-Fi, Policies and more, all in one place.


Content Management

HindXR lets you confidently manage VR devices with complete control. Securely set up and configure devices, update settings, and monitor.

Device Management

HindXR allows you to easily manage unlimited VR or AR devices with bulk enrollment and mass configuration while keeping everything organized.

VR Video Player

Experience immersive VR content with HindXR. Enjoy lifelike sports and concert experiences as if you’re in the stadium.

Remote Assistant

Get expert assistance remotely with HindXR. Share real-time views and collaborate effortlessly for efficient issue resolution.

Real-world Applications: Use Cases of HindXR

Youth Training

XR provides hands-on training in a safe and controlled 3D environment. For example, virtual simulations can be used to train young drivers, or provide situational training for emergency responders.

AR Commerce

XR enhances the online shopping experience by providing customers virtual try-on images of clothing or furniture onto the customer’s real-world view, while VR can simulate a fully immersive showroom experience.


XR assists farmers in crop management, by providing real-time data and analytics. For example, AR can be used to overlay crop health and moisture data, while VR can simulate different crop growth scenarios.


XR brings classroom learning to life by providing interactive and immersive experiences. For example, virtual field trips can transport students to different parts of the world, and 3D models can help students visualize complex concepts.


XR enhances medical education and trainings, by providing realistic simulations of surgeries, physical and medical procedures. This can improve the skills and confidence of medical professionals, leading to better patient outcomes.


XR provides realistic training simulations for soldiers, pilots, and other personnel, which can improve their readiness and effectiveness in the field. This can reduce training costs and increase safety, by allowing personnel to practice complex scenarios

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Entrepreneurship Development Cell of St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Kolkata

Team of Enthusiasts

Aditya Walia

Founder and CEO

Ashish Shetty

Co-Founder and CTO

Eddie Quiroz

Head of Technology